Graf Bavo vom Bergweiler

SG-Graf Bavo vom Bergweiler U-CD, CD, WD, SchH3, kkl2"a" lbz (in the process of being certified as a therapy dog with TDI). OFA GOOD hips (GS-43806G24M-T). Elbows clear (GS-EL5187-T).

Bavo's father is 23 times Schutzhund 3, and his pedigree demonstrates many HGH (German herding) and Schutzhund titled dogs.
Bavo exemplifies the German Shepherd Dog: outstanding character, impeccably reliable temperament, pronounced courage, and commitment to the work. Bavo's depth of character is enhanced by structural soundness judged to the exacting SV standard.

Bavo is available at stud to select females. Please contact Annie Weiler for information about breeding opportunities.

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