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Aky vom Bergweiler

I just wanted to send you a short note saying how happy I am that Aky is a part of my life. He is everything I asked for and more. He is always happy, is intelligent and is very willing to please. Last year Aky passed the CGC (Canine Good Citizen); earned a PD (Pack Dog) title; and passed the AD (Ausdauerprüfung). This year we tried the sport of weight pulling and he was awesome. He earned a WDS (Working Dog Superior) title by pulling a minimum of 23 times his weight at 3 different events on wheels. He also earned 2 legs towards the WDS title on snow (unfortunately we couldn’t find enough snow pulls for him to get that last leg - maybe next year). In addition to the titles he worked hard enough to win the Regional Gold medal on snow and the Regional Silver medal on wheels enabling him to attend the international championships. At the championships he showed the whole world that you don’t have to be a sled dog or a pit bull to do well. He never gave up and he won third place in his weight class on snow. I guess that makes him an international bronze medallist! Hooray! One week after the championships Aky entered his first tracking test. He passed with flying colors and earned his TD (Tracking Dog) title. This boy can do anything! We are currently having a ton of fun training in obedience, tracking, agility and Schutzhund. There are definitely more performance titles in this guy’s future. More important than his accomplishments in competition though are his health and temperament. Both his hips and his elbows passed OFA evaluation and his eyes were CERF’d clear. He is a joy to be around in the house. He gets along with other dogs, the cats and is great with kids. I never have to worry about him when my stepson brings his friends over; he is very careful not to play too rough and will play with the kids for as long as they are willing to throw a ball or play tug. In addition to being gentle with family and friends he is always ready to alert us when a stranger approaches the yard or house; I am certain that if needed he would do everything in his power to protect his family. Aky is definitely everything a German Shepherd is supposed to be. Thank you so much for bringing him into the world and for allowing me to be his forever home.
-- Teressa Keenan

Dora and Dugan vom Bergweiler

Dora and Dugan possess the common traits of excellent health, intelligence, and trainability. Upon their arrival at the NorthWest K9 training facility, they settled in easily and engaged enthusiastically in foundation training activities. It was apparent that these puppies were brought up by a highly competent and nurturing dam, along with your copious attention and affection and with a guiding hand that creates a sound fondation for future formalized obedience training. While each of these pups is different from the other in their own way, there is nonetheless a consistency in correct structure and temperament to the standard that displays significant knowledge and care behind the selection of their dam and sire. I specifically chose these pups because I could easily see in Bavo and Yessi and in the dogs behind them the hip and elbow certifications, structural evaluations, and multiple working titles that demonstrated superior, proven bloodlines. Important to the police K9 program is an eveneness of temperament and psychological adaptability that takes the working K9 from one environment to another and demands the most solid, reliable character. The pups' sociability, enthusiasm for play and training, athleticism, responsiveness to family living rules, and "can do" attitude demonstrate promise to develop further and succeed in any endeavor. NorthWest K9 is a very demanding program requiring the most carefully selected and strictly evaluated candidates, and I am pleased to have Dugan vom Bergweiler and Dora vom Bergweiler successfully complete the NorthWest K9 foundation program and graduate to their demanding careers of service in Police K9, and K9 Search and Rescue, respectively.
-- Moc Klinkam, NorthWest K9, Enumclaw, Washington

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