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Bavo with Annie Weiler
I have always been involved in dogs. I became actively involved in Search and Rescue in 1985. I was introduced to German-bred German Shepherd Dogs in 1987. These were dogs titled in Schutzhund and evaluated for breedworthiness in the Conformation Ring and at the SV-style Breed Survey. I quickly realized there was a significant difference between the German Shepherd Dogs I was seeing in the AKC show rings, and the German Shepherds who had true working titles and were bred to a standard that included both beauty and work. I made the transition from SAR to Schutzhund in 1990.

I acquire my foundation dogs as puppies, and they are all trained by me personally from start to finish. This intense involvement in their upbringing and training over several years gives me the opportunity to fully evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, it gives me the knowledge I need to select the best breeding partners and more accurately anticipate what each planned breeding will produce.
The Bergweiler Sable Pack

Bavo at His Breed Survey
I further proof my own breeding program by keeping and training dogs that I have bred. This is a process that takes many years and demands a tremendous amount of time and commitment to showing, training, and trial competition.

It's well worth it. This personal commitment to my dogs and my breeding program is what takes Bergweiler German Shepherd Dogs to an unequalled level of breeding excellence.

I only produce German Shepherds who are equally at home working with their owner or as a family companion. I believe that quality far outweighs quantity, which is why I produce only a very few, very high quality litters.

I hope you enjoy your tour through my web site and the opportunity to meet my dogs. They have brought me great joy over the years. We look forward to sharing the Pack Bergweiler experience with you.

Annie Weiler
Bergweiler German Shepherd Dogs

Bergweiler German Shepherd Dogs
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